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Squad Members

The Pix Squad provides Photography Entertainment which means our Squad Members know their equipment and are there to entertain your guests.

You DO NOT have to operate our booths.

Squad Members wear branded clothing to identify and clarify their purpose.

Online Gallery

All images from your wedding will be hosted for 12 months on an online gallery service.  You may choose to have these be public or password protected.

You may also choose to have your images delivered via a custom, branded jump drive.


Stock Overlay

We provide you with the choice of three stock overlays in three different layout options. 
Photo Strip
One Large Photo
One Large Photo and Smaller Photos

Custom Overlays available for $200


Props and Signs

Our props are made of industrial materials meant to withstand the rigors of public events. We are constantly on the look out for fresh props to keep up with current trends while maintaining and replacing our legacy props.

Custom Props are available, call for pricing.

1 Hour of Hold Time

Your wedding day has tons of timelines.  The Pix Squad will schedule to be set up 1 hour before the booth is active so that our set up will not interfer on your day.  

Additional hours will be charged $50/hr

Prints - $150

Prints are CHERISHED… Digital gets shared,  An incredible gift to your guests.

Backdrops - $75.00

A great way to define the space for your photo booth experience and create a more beautiful photo!

Our Backdrops

Custom Backdrops available starting at $500.00

Custom Overlay - $200.00

Make your wedding day stand out with a custom overlay to match every aspect of your wedding.  Include photos of the couple, elements from your invite and/or program or even photos of your flowers.


Microsite - $400.00

A Microsite digitally delivers your guests photos along with a pre-programmed narrative from you. This narrative can include virtually anything that you may want to say to all your guests when you may not have the time…ps… you will be VERY BUSY on your wedding day!

Share engagement photos, the story of two you met, where you are going for a honeymoon or even put in a quiet request for money for a pet project such as your honeymoon, house downpayment or to help with the bar tab! You can even include a pre-recorded video from your parents thanking everyone for attending!


Use part of the Microsite to introduce your guests to your wedding party!  Explain who they are, how you met them and why they are important to you!


Greenery Wall - $300.00

All the rage, our Greenery Wall is portable and does not take up much space while looking great in photos and in your space.

Decorate it with custom flowers or elements for $125 extra



Bubbles or Confetti - $250.00

A wonderful way to add a whimsical element to your wedding 360 or DSLR Photo Booth.

Must be approved by the Venue.  Pix Squad will clean up all confetti.