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Virtual Graduation Mosaics

Getting Ready for Your Virtual Party

Base Graphic

Send in 1 -5 images to be included in the design of the base graphic.  Best is to include one feature image and up to 4 candid or action photos.

Filler Images

Our base package includes 255 images that will be placed to make your mosaic.  A drop box will be provided to easily share filler images should we need them to fill out the mosaic.  Drag and drop easy!

Invite and Inform

Every party needs an invite and a virtual party is easy!  The Pix Squad will provide detailed instructions on an easily sharable one pager.

Distance Celebrating as Easy as 1…2…3!

Step 1

Being present is just as important as the “present” that you buy.  Whether a quick snap or planned out, include your whole family.

Step 2

This one is easy… smile and take the picture.  You can send in as many as you want… have fun with it!  What else are you doing anyway!  sealed

Step 3

Simply text, tweet or instagram your photo according to the details provided by your guest of honor. You do this every day, this could be the easiest grad party EVER!


3 Hours of text, Twitter or Instagram Monitoring

Base Mosaic Image Design


Image Monitoring (for Inappropriate Pix)

8″ x 10″ or 8″ x 8″ Print


Digital Image and Compressed Video

Start Your Booking!